April 22, 2011

Semester 2 Highlights.

I attended Bodenseehof Bible School in Germany for six months and had an absolutely amazing time. When stepping on German soil for the first time I was broken and my emotional baggage was unfortunately rather sufficient. But God used these six months away from home in a new environment and forming new relationships to reveal His love to me and changed me from the inside out. It's an experience I will NEVER forget. The following photos are some of the highlights of my second semester at Bible School. (It's part two of my first semester highlight blog entry!) I cannot believe that I have been home from Germany for almost a month now, and looking at these photos brings me so much joy!
Cafe Hoepker, located near the school. My two best friends and I sat in this cafe for over three hours sharing exciting stories from our Christmas break apart, over a cup of thick hot chocolate. :)

Every morning after our breakfast dish duty we would nominate one person from the team to be "Rose" (from Titanic), who would sit on the front of the trolly and be pushed down the hallway. You should have seen the principals face when he encountered this. Haha!

For my 20th birthday (January 9th) my old roommates threw me a birthday party dinner and bought me a chocolate cake sprinkled with Crispy M&Ms!!

The laundry room. Let's just say it was the beginning of something great. :)

We all switched rooms at the beginning of the semester and this was my new bed, complete with TWO drawers! :) 

Ohh and the cuddle puddles were endless!

I received a package in the mail filled with Star Wars sugar cookies! :)

The breakfast dishes crew decided to take a photo together when we discovered that we were all wearing black one day!

80s Nerd Day. Note the epic Star Wars socks ;)

The three of us filmed a ridiculous video to Relient K's "12 days of Christmas" in the weight room.

The Outreach team in Neuenmarkt. 

Brandi played songs for my roommates and I on our balcony. :)

Watching the boys play football on a warm February day.

My first karaoke experience in SPAIN!

Spain was absolutely gorgeous!

I received my very first rose from my very first boyfriend on Valentines Day. :)

A bunch of us took the train down to Lindau one day. So fun!


The girls of my K-group and I digging into our Pizookie (warm and gooey underbaked cookie dough topped with vanilla ice cream)

My man and I on the train to Munich.

While Jessica was gone on Outreach, we pranked her by wrapping ALL of her possessions in newspaper. Best. Prank. Ever.

One night I crawled into my bed to find it completely saran-wrapped!!

Moustache March...yikes...

Strasbourg, France.

I loved seeing everybody sprawled out on the grass when the weather was nice. What a great community!

My awesome singteam and I performing for Friends Day at our school. I'll never forget my 6 month experience with them.

Many walks were taken. Germany is beautiful!

My FAVORITE German chocolate...complete with two plastic spoons!

We took a school trip to Dachau concentration camp. We were only able to spend a little over an hour there unfortunately, but I was glad for the opportunity.

Yearbook signing party!

The Final Spring Banquet. Cheers!

Sarah, Jessica, and I. I mentioned these girls in a blog entry I had written back in October or November of last year. Together we formed an accountability group, and together they changed my life. I love them and miss them dearly!

All of the wonderful men and women of God who worked as staff at Bodenseehof. I'm so thankful for their love and guidance.

My last dinner at La Taverna. (french fry pizza, anyone?)

My last "photobooth" picture at school. We are all wearing our matching school t-shirts too. :)

I am so thankful to God for giving me three more beautiful months in Germany. With full confidence, I can say that these were the best six months of my entire life. But what I also know is that life is super exciting and God has so much more planned for me! :)

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  1. I NEED your Star Wars socks. you MUST give them to me. unless you bought them at H&M, then I can find them here!