April 2, 2011

Goodbye Germany.

Today is Saturday April 2nd, which means, I have less than two hours left here at Bodenseehof Bible School before I'm forced to check out. I've been awake for over 48 hours...I have pulled two all-nighters in a row and I am just waiting for the ultimate crash right now. I'll let you know when that happens...

There have been many, many tears this morning and I feel like my heart has just been ripped out. 108 goodbyes is hard to do. Saying goodbye to the people who have changed you so much into becoming a better person and those whom have helped drastically transform your relationship with God is hard to do. But the cool thing is the confidence is knowing that if we don't see each other again here one earth, we'll see each other again at the wedding feast in Heaven.

I'm still at the Bode at this very moment, in between saying goodbyes. I have the whole day to spend frolicing around this little town with some friends here so it'll be a good distraction from all of these hard goodbyes and from my sad little empty heart. I'm going to buy alot of German chocolate...alot.

I wonder if I will sleep tonight? If I don't that'll be a total of 72 consecutive hours awake! How fun.

I am excited beyond belief to get home though, to my real home...my Canadian home. My wonderful family is waiting for me and my two suitcases of German goodies!

I can't believe how fast six months can fly. And I can't believe what God can do with you when you let Him have total control. He can do anything, and for that I praise Him. :)


  1. Cadence, Alora, and I are all waiting for you and your chocolate too!!!! We are excited to have you around for a while! I don't think we'll go to the airport - though I thought about it!!! It's right during Alora's nap time... so I think we will meet you at Mom and Dad's house when you get home instead! I love you! Have a great trip and get some sleep!!! haha!

  2. Hi Jennifer, so this might be one of the most random comments to a post you’ve got but I thought I’d just go for it.
    My name is Steph and I’m from the UK. I’m going to Bodenseehof bible school this year...I actually fly out there in the morning. I came across your blog when I was googled the school one time. Reading about your time there has seriously calmed my nerves about going, and just made me so excited to get out there. It’s clear from reading your posts that you learned loads during your time there, and that your relationship with him just grew.
    Anyway, thanks again for you blog...it’s addictive reading your posts :)
    Steph x