March 26, 2011

Eight Days.

I have a total of eight and a half days left in Germany. I can't even believe this. I'm so excited to come home because I miss my family terribly...I miss them almost as much as I miss good old' North American food. But I'm going to be extremely sad about leaving this beautiful country and all of the beautiful relationships God has given to me here. I know that the relationships will prosper, but they'll never be anything like they were here. I can say with full confidence that everyone here at Bodenseehof is like my family; we're all brothers and sisters who see each other at all hours of the day and we live in the same building and we play the same sports together and we eat all the same meals together: Family. This has been my home for six months and I'm sad to leave it.

I'm trying my best not to get depressed. But as I was telling someone yesterday, it's hard for me to make the most out of my last week here when I KNOW that the dreaded day of April 2nd is on its way. 108 goodbyes will be hard to do.

All I can do right now is thank God for giving me this wonderful opportunity. He has blessed me in so many ways and I have changed so much since September 23rd. I came here broken, but I'm leaving here with a full and bursting heart. I am ready for life beyond Germany! And I'm also ready to finally have more time for blogging. :)

So one cool random fact is that the other day our principle gave us all envelopes. We're supposed to write a letter to ourselves, seal it in the envelope and give it back to the principle. Then in one year, March 2012, He will send the letter back to us. My letter is currently 6 pages long. (is that surprising in any way? No.) All I know is that I can't wait to see where I'll be in a year! I have an idea right now, but anything could happen. Life is just so exciting.

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