August 14, 2010

Deep. Breath.

The transformation of thoughts to words is a beautiful thing; it gives fed-up people like me a chance to sugarcoat and lighten their offensive r-rated thoughts...

I'm considering gaining 230+ pounds, throwing out all of my make-up, and shaving my hair off. Hopefully that will eliminate all things men from my life --cause guys are shallow like that. (trust me, they flee from anything not-Hollywood)

Imagine never having to speak to another male in your life? Imagine if all men never took a second look at you? Imagine if you were just invisible around them? That would be NICE.

Who in their right mind would want something in their life that just makes them feel like they'll never be good enough? Not me.


  1. why do you think i always tried to look so plain and never wore colour? haha.

    but that didn't work out too well... when i was working in the kitchen at bodenseehof Cody still thought i was the hottest girl there. thats including 15 pounds of extra weight, gross hair, no make-up (as if i wear any anyway..), he also thought i was 26. boy was he ever excited to hear i was 20.. haha. what a cutie.

  2. I"d be really sad if I never spoke to another male in my life. Don't worry Jenster, there are some good ones out there... you just have to wait for them :)